Dragon Fruit Delight

Whole Dragon Fruit

My Dragon Fruit Beginning

One afternoon when I was at the market with my aunt and uncle looking for a snack, I spotted an odd looking fruit called the dragon fruit, which is also known as the pitahaya. I asked my aunt, “Do you know anything about this fruit?” She answered, “Yes, I have tried the white-fleshed dragon fruit before, and it’s sweet and delicious.” (Dragon fruit can have either white or red flesh.)

I asked if I could get the dragon fruit for a snack later on that night, and she said yes. I took the dragon fruit home and tried it, and I instantly fell in love with this delicious fruit.

Cut Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Facts

The dragon fruit is part of the genus hylocereus, which only blooms at night. The dragon fruit is a kind of cactus eaten as fruit. Other names for this fruit are the strawberry pear and the nanettika fruit, but the name dragon fruit is commonly known in English.

The dragon fruit is originally native to Mexico, and from there it was transplanted to other areas around the world. It is thought that the Europeans introduced this fruit from the New World, but the Dutch introduced the dragon fruit to Taiwan.

Dragon Fruit Heart

What Dragon Fruit Tastes Like

To me, the dragon fruit actually tastes like a mix of pear, watermelon, strawberry, banana, and grape with the slightest hint of mango. I absolutely love dragon fruit and would marry it if I could. To show my affection for this delicious fruit, I have made a special Valentine’s Day drink. This beautiful drink is delicious and I hope you try it on Valentine’s Day morning! 🙂

Glass of Dragon Fruit Juice

Dragon Fruit Juice Recipe

Dragon fruit juice is delicious and healthy with only two ingredients. I hope you enjoy it and share this recipe with your Valentine’s Day sweetheart. 🙂


Dragon fruit, sliced and skin removed



Blend all ingredients together until you can feel the love! (Or just until smooth and creamy.)

If you want, you can stamp out a small heart from one of the dragon fruit slices and place it on the side of the glass for a pretty garnish.

The information about dragon fruit in this post was found on Wikipedia.


6 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit Delight

  1. My Darling Rosie, I couldn’t be more proud to be your gramma than I am right now! I am so very happy that you are getting to experience life on the other side of the world at such a young age!! Keep those blog entries coming, Sweetie!! They’ll take you places you never dreamed of!! All my love, Gramma

  2. Dear Rosie,
    I really liked your recipe & I feel like I have to tell you a little secret.. I met your dragon fruit & it told me that it fell in love with you too and it will always remember your sweet words about it..
    God bless you & wish you all the luck with your amazing blog..

  3. I love dragon fruit too Rosie! I just tried it for the first time a couple years ago (I had the white flesh kind, not the pink). You’re right about it tasting like so many different fruits combined….it’s a very unique flavor!
    I wonder if the pink and white taste very different from one another?

    Love you,
    Cousin Sara

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