My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 2

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I did not have an easy time getting used to Kuwait. It took a bit of time and effort to get used to it. It was specifically not easy getting used to the time zone, the different climate, the different people, and basically a different life. That’s why I am writing this; to inform yourself and others how I handled this big step up. I hope that my advice can in some way help you get through a tough situation.

Homesick 😦

If you are feeling homesick, do not worry because it is totally normal wether it is about a sleepover, travel, play date, visit, or even just a long car ride. Don’t think you are crazy or that something is seriously wrong with you because you are just going through human nature. Don’t worry, it is not a sickness; it is just something that every human is born with.

Homesickness Cure 🙂

I have found a cure to homesickness and this cure is simple and does not coast a dime. The special cure is to just grab a friend or family member and then let them inform you about the fun activities that you will be doing later, or just let them cheer you up with some kind words. For example, just the other night I could not fall asleep because I had a stomachache because I was homesick. I knocked on my aunt’s door and went inside her bedroom and I told my aunt that I was homesick. She then started informing me of the fun things that would be going on and before long my stomachache was gone!

Getting Settled Inside 🙂

Getting comfortable in your new environment can be tough, but it also can be a very easy thing, depending on what you are doing. Know if you are going for a long car ride that is most of the time on the level of easy. If you are going on a play date that still is on a level of easy, just with extra challenges. A visit can be tougher and on a level of medium. A sleep over can also be tougher just again with a little bit of a bigger challenge. And travel without a doubt is on a hard level.

Solution to Settling Inside 🙂

I know that these levels of easy, medium, and hard can be tough, but there are also solutions for these challenges. These easy solutions are making the most of the amazing opportunity. Another solution is getting to know your new surroundings and taking it step by step. For example, when I was on the plane to Kuwait I was nervous and told my aunt about it. She then explained to me what was going to happen piece by piece, and after that I did not feel nervous because I saw what was going to happen in an easier light.

Hope I Helped 🙂

I hope that I helped you get over a tough time in one way or another. I also hope that in one way or another you will help another get over a tough time. I wish that you would share this advice with others so that they can also help themselves and others when going through tough times. Thank you for reading and I hope I helped. 🙂

Check back often! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 2

  1. Rosie, I know this sounds mean, but it’s actually the opposite: I was so pleases to hear you were homesick, because it means that I’m not just missing you, but that you are missing me ( and home) too!! But I’m so impressed (as usual) at how beautifully your Aunt Faith handled it! Kudos! Keep the awesome advice coming; I’m sure you’re an inspiration to many! All my love, Gramma

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