My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 3

Rosie in Pink Dress
This is the pink dress I bought at Friday’s Market.

Now I want to tell you a little bit about the markets in Kuwait.

I walked in and instantly fell in love with Friday’s Market; it was huge like a mall, but with more selection, kind-of like a very large flea market. They had things that looked so old and rustic, but also things that looked new and exclusive. They had pots, pans, vintage typewriters, toys, shoes, dresses, furniture, tools, food, trays, boxes of all sorts, cleaning supplies, megaphones, etc. They had so many things in different shapes, sizes, and colors. I got a beautiful gown at Friday’s Market; it is hot pink with jewels, beads, and sparkles on it. Friday’s Market was really cool and I hope that I can go there again some time. 

Friday’s Market was super fun, but the pet shop across the street was even better. It had kittens, cats, goats, dogs, puppies, colored chicks, baby bunnies in dresses, and birds; well, let’s just say that they had a ton of animals. The one kitten that I really liked was December; she was all-white with baby blue eyes and a short nose. I got to hold her, but then I put her back because she wanted to get down. December was a very sweet cat and I hope to meet her again one day at the pet shop.

I also got the chance to go to the old markets called Souk Al Mubarakiya. It was awesome getting the chance to see the old markets, which have been around for so long. The old markets were very crowded because  they are so popular in Kuwait. I loved window shopping at the old markets; they had the most beautiful Persian rugs and traditional Kuwaiti dresses. They had lots of clothes and old wares just like Friday’s Market. At the old markets there is a vegetable market and restaurants with traditional food, and also a fish market, which – you guessed it – smells like fish. There was even a playground that I got to play on. It was really fun at the old markets and I cannot wait to go there again.

I had a ton of fun going to all three of these amazing places and cannot wait to go again. Thank you for reading, and I hope that one day you also get to go to these remarkable places. 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the Souk Al Mubarakiya that I want to share…

Souk Al Mubarakiya

Vegetable Market

Small Green Fruits

These small green fruits look like apples, but they aren’t all that sweet; they taste like a cross between an apple and a pear (but not as sweet), and have a pit like a plum inside.


2 thoughts on “My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 3

  1. What a gorgeous dress Rosie! You look like a princess.
    (Can I borrow that when you come home? You’re so tall now, I bet it would fit me)!! 😉
    ❤ sara

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