Snow White by Rosie

Snow White by Rosie

Lips as red as blood just exposed to harsh winter air, hair as black as the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean, skin as white as a snowflake falling into a cruel and ruthless world bring happiness to the world once again. This described a perfect picture of Snow White the only daughter to the king (Charming White) and queen (Gloria White) of the happy Kingdom of White; or so they thought would always stay happy.

Eventually the queen died when Snow White had just turned the age of 4 years old, so the king raised the young princess himself. Then one day, he fell in love again with a woman named Eleanor White, most commonly known as the Evil Queen. Everyone in the kingdom hated her; by the end, even the king was not too fond of the queen anymore.

Even in Eleanor’s position as queen, she still wanted more power, so she killed the king in secret and said that he had died from old age. When they read the will of the king, they were surprised to see that he wanted Eleanor to have Gloria’s old mirror.

They were surprised because even before Snow White was born and the king and queen had had their first anniversary, Gloria had gone up to the townspeople and told them something remarkable that at first they thought was untrue. She told them that she had been born magical. The townspeople roared at her with laughter, saying that she had lost her mind, but then she took a broken piece of glass and a stick on from a tree, and to the peoples’ amazement she used magic to make the stick and piece of glass into a beautiful mirror. The townspeople’s laughter suddenly turned into an even louder applause, and their applause suddenly turned into “All hail the queen of magic!”

Gloria became the most loved queen in all of the kingdom’s history. She would bring flowers to sick children and have kingdom reunions were all the people in the kingdom would get to come in and celebrate one another. They did not think of each other as merely allies; instead, they thought of each other as family. Then one night the queen gave birth to a young baby princess by the name of Snow White.

Snow White grew and grew over the years that were passing by almost too quickly. Then one night it was as if the kingdom had a heart and the kingdom’s heart stopped beating and time froze. This was because the queen – the heart of the kingdom, the seam holding the kingdom together – had died. Snow White, the kingdom’s people, and the king all cried for weeks. Then came time for the funeral, and that is where the king met Eleanor, the most beautiful women he had ever seen other than Gloria.

The king and Eleanor became good friends and then one day he proposed to her. The king and Eleanor got married a month later. Everyone hated Eleanor and the fact that she was the new queen because they felt as if she wanted to replace Gloria and have just as much power over the kingdom as Gloria had. Eleanor did not start out as that, but the people made her into something that she was not, and then one night she wanted even more power and so she got it by killing her husband Charming White.

She got the mirror that the king had left her in his will and cursed the mirror to tell her anything and everything. She would sit in front of the mirror each morning and ask the mirror “Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” The mirror would reply “You, my queen.” But one morning she was surprised by the answer of “Snow White is surely the fairest of them all.” The queen was so angry and sent her huntsman to capture her and kill Snow White. He captured Snow White and then came the time to kill her and when the dagger went through the sack where she was, there was no one in the sack. They had forgotten one thing: that Snow White inherited from her mother’s magic.

Once Snow White had escaped the sack, she ran deep into the forest where no one could find her. It was a very frigid night so she realized that she could not just stay out in the cold and darkness. Then in the distance she saw an adorable little hut with seven different doors. She quickly ran to the hut and ran in with no knock or notice that she was coming in.

Inside she found seven chairs, seven tables, seven beds, and seven fire places. She quickly, without thinking, sprawled herself across the floor next to the seven fire places and fell asleep. The next morning when she woke up she saw fourteen eyes staring at her like she was a skeleton. She screamed and then ran to the corner and asked who they were. They seemed not to sure of what their names really were, so they replied together “We do not really know.” Snow-White said that it was fine and told them her name.

One of them came up to her and said abruptly, “Ok pal, I got one other question…what are you doing in our house?” She apologized and explained all that had happened to her just the day before. They felt so sorry for this young girl who had gone through so much. They told her to stay as long as they wanted; she thanked them and sent them off to the mine where they worked with the lunches she had made for them.

Snow White stayed with them for a year or two, and then one day an old woman came to one of the doors and knocked; Snow White let her in and fed her. The old women said “I thank you greatly for all that you have done for me; in return I give you this beautiful red apple.” Snow White took the apple and then sent her off. Snow White ate the apple and died. Once the men got home and found her dead on the floor, they put her into a glass coffin and then killed the Evil Queen who had poisoned her.

Then a day came when a young king found her in the glass coffin and instantly fell in love with her. He could not help himself from opening the coffin and kissing the young maiden inside. The maiden in the coffin slowly started waking up and remembering everything that had happened. The young king asked what her name was and she said “Snow White.” They fell in love and got married the next day and lived happily ever after.


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