My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 4

Happy Birthday, Friends!

I want to talk about something that may be hard to do, but is so important when you move to a new place: making new friends.

Making new friends can be tough, but also can be easy; it all depends on your actions. If you are rude and bossy, then you are for sure not getting a new friend, but if you are sweet, kind, and friendly, then you are for sure getting a new friend. I experienced this about one week after moving to Kuwait when I met two girls (who we’ll call K and C), and now these two girls are some of my BFFs. We first met at their house and I got to meet their mom, their cat Pumpkin, their brother, and of course, both of them. We also met them at Starbucks for coffee, which was fun; also, sometimes they come over to my house to play. They are really nice friends and we have an awesome time together with all the fun activates we do, like playing Kinect, drawing, looking through magazines, or playing on my phone.

My friend’s birthdays are coming up pretty quickly (their birthdays are only one day apart even though they are two years apart in age), so me and my aunt thought about it and decided that we would throw a special surprise party for them to make their birthday extra special. They deserve a special birthday party for being such amazing friends!

We got ready for the party all week. We got three best friend necklaces and three matching Barbies; one Barbie is pink (that one is mine one), one is blue (that is C’s Barbie), and one is purple (that is K’s Barbie).  We had the birthday party and it was really fun. We first ate pizza and talked. Then we sang happy birthday. Next, we opened gifts. Lastly, we played Barbies and had an awesome time.

Thanks for reading and I hope that my tips help you make new friends. Check back often! 🙂


One thought on “My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 4

  1. Rosie, I knew a sweet girl like you would have no trouble making new friends, but to get a toofer is AWESOME! I’m not surprised that they’ve fallen in love with you, either! Anyone would be incredibly blessed to have you for a friend! I wish that when I was a little girl, I had found a friend like you! By the way, that cake looks absolutely DELICIOUS!! Keep those wonderful blog posts coming, Darling!! Talk to you soon, Rosiekins! Love, G XOXOXO

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