The Little Mermaid Saves Choral by Rosie

The Little Mermaid Saves Choral

One day, the Little Mermaid was swimming around in a sunken ship with two of her friends looking for new things to add to her underwater collection of human items. They had loads of fun and found many things that were new to her and her friends, such as music boxes, plates, forks, knives, and even photographs of real people with LEGS!!!

They were fascinated by these new items that they had found. They went to the top of the water and asked their other good friend what the items were, and he answered with the silliest answers. Right when he was about to finish telling them what they were, they all heard a scream for help; they all followed the sound until they saw a boat that was sinking.

A little girl sat on the only side of the boat that wasn’t completely sunken. All four of the friends helped the little girl safely escape the boat just in time before the boat was completely underwater. The little girl said, “Thank you so much.” The Little Mermaid asked, “What is your name? I am Ariel.” The little girl said, “I am Choral.”

Choral asked, “Why are you in the middle of the ocean? Aren’t you afraid of sharks and vicious sea creatures?”

Ariel replied, “No, not really.”

“What!?”, Choral exclaimed.

“Well I grew up with them; they’re guards at the palace doors. Why would I have to be afraid of them when they’re there to protect me?” reasoned Ariel.

“WHAT!!!???”, Choral said again. “Don’t they have to, gee I don’t know, STAY IN WATER?!!!”, Choral said.

“Yes but they are already in the water, silly,” Ariel replied.

“But, but, how?”, Choral asked in a quiet, high-pitched, and confused voice.

“Well, I live down there,” Ariel said, pointing at the sea.

“But you’re not wearing any scuba gear,” Choral said.

“I don’t need it, I’m a mermaid, duh!”, Ariel said in a mocking voice.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!”, Choral screamed at Ariel while pointing at her. Ariel asked what was wrong and looked around to see what the problem might be. “YOU!!! That’s what’s wrong!”, Choral screamed.

Ariel lifted up her fin and showed it to Choral. Choral screamed again, this time a bit louder. “What’s wrong?”, Ariel said again, this time shifting in the warm sand as if ready to pounce if someone came to close.

Ariel got at least one hundred more questions from Choral before Ariel asked Choral why she was in the middle of the ocean. Choral debated on wither she should tell Ariel or not, and then decided that she would. She explained that she had been sailing with her father and mother and their crew; they were not pirates, but they were sailors. They would capture fish and other sea creatures and sell them to the fish markets. Ariel was disgusted by their job, but said that’s cool while trying to put on a fake smile, but it barely worked.

Ariel invited Choral to come under the sea and see the amazing merpeople’s world. “But how?”, Choral asked.

Ariel said, “I’m the merqueen. I could just turn you into a mermaid for a tiny bit.”

Choral clapped her hands together and said, “I would love that!”

Ariel said, “Ok, awesome. Now you start by putting your legs into the water, and then I take a scale off of my fin and put it on your legs and let it sit for five minutes time. By then you should be transformed.”

Ariel put a scale onto Choral’s legs and they waited five minutes to the second and her legs suddenly turned into a beautiful emerald green fin that shimmered in the sunlight. Choral and Ariel both were in awe of how beautiful her fin was.

Choral asked Ariel if she would be able to breathe underwater and Ariel said that she would. After Choral knew this, she dove right into the water and Ariel followed her in. Once they got about fourteen feet deep into the water, Ariel took the lead and brought Choral even deeper and then to a patch of seaweed. Choral asked, “So what happens now?”

Ariel pulled on the seaweed until it opened to reveal another ocean!!! Ariel said, “Now we swim through.” They went through the seaweed door and swam down into the ocean. When they were five feet deep they went into the next ocean and saw hundreds of merpeople swimming back and forth socializing kindly as they did. Choral was fascinated.

Ariel said to Choral, “Welcome to Atlantica.” Choral swam around and looked at all the shops and merpeople. When the people saw Ariel come in, they all bowed and she asked a seahorse-pulled carriage that was coming her way to stop. Ariel looked at Choral and waved to her to come her way. Choral nervously approached Ariel.

Ariel got the merpeoples’ attention and said, “May I, your queen, present Choral, my sister, to you!” All of the merpeople cheered and bowed. After that Choral and Ariel went to the castle and ate choral bites for dinner, which Choral was a little hesitant about eating at first. Later on when the crowds of merpeople were settling down they had a before-bed-time snack and then went to bed.

The next morning, Ariel woke up and then woke up Choral and said, “Get ready because we’re going on an underwater tour.” Choral stirred in her bed which was made of a rock on the bottom and a seaweed mattress on top with a knitted seaweed blanket covering her.

Choral and Ariel went into the carriage and rode around the whole sea and saw so many things like underwater mountains, caverns, sunken ships, and even the sunken city of Atlantis. After they had travelled to the end of the ocean, they went back to the castle and fell fast asleep.

The next morning Ariel woke up Choral again and told her that they should probably go back to land and that the spell would wear off soon. They went to shore and that was when Choral asked, “Can I stay with you? I have no place to go, my parents are dead.”

“But you’re a human and I am a mermaid. It would never work; we’re from different worlds,” Ariel replied.

“I understand,” Choral said while pushing back tears.

But then Ariel stopped her and said “But we could turn you into a mermaid for good!”

Choral asked hopefully, “But how?”

“We could just have every merperson contribute a scale and put them all onto your legs,” explained Ariel.

“Really?!”, Choral asked.

“Yes, I suppose so,” Ariel said. “I will be right back; I am going to go collect a scale from everyone.”

Ariel swam down and was back in about twenty minutes with buckets full of scales. Ariel and Choral started spreading the scales neatly on her legs then they waited five minutes and then her legs turned into a beautiful rainbow fin. They quickly swam back down and had a huge party just for Choral.

And they all lived happily ever after!


4 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Saves Choral by Rosie

  1. Wow, Rose, I love how wonderful your imagination is, but even more, how well you are able to put the reader right inside the story! That takes a very gifted writer, which you are quickly shaping up to be, my Darling! I can’t wait for the next story! If you keep this trend going, I will feel compelled to contact Disney, ant tell them I think they have found their next script writer! Did I tell you lately how proud I am of you?!! Well, if I haven’t, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! All my love forever, G XOXOXO

  2. baby bear, I am so proud of you! I think you’re very gifted, with writing, and many other creative things-keep having fun and applying yourself the way you are! I love you so much and i miss you so much it hurts 😦 But I’m so proud of your accomplishments that it helps me feel a little better 🙂 I love you baby! All my love always, mama xoxoxo

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