Trapped in the Tower by Rosie

Trapped in the Tower by Rosie

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It was a warm summer day with birds that sung a song so sweet that even the rodents seemed to sway to the beautiful rhythm. It was a perfect day where everything seemed to say it is going to be a nice day with lots of wonderful events. It was the young queen Rapunzel’s Celebration Day where she was going to throw the same ball with the same decorations, food, and even the same music as when her mother queen Lizzie had her coronation.

Queen Rapunzel fiddled with her short auburn hair all morning and then finally decided to keep her hair down. Rapunzel whore a beautiful sky blue dress with the most beautiful swirling design; she looked so regal, and thought to herself that that night was surely the night that she would find her husband to rule the kingdom Lily with her.

She could not wait until that night because she knew she would be able to start off the ball with her speech. She would talk of how she would rule the kingdom in a safe way, with fun and balls and parties, and make the kingdom known for being the best kingdom with the very best of everything. Then she would make a toast to the kingdom and then start off the dancing by going to the middle of the ballroom floor and dancing with the first man to come to her, and possibly even become the king.

Rapunzel was so excited and knew that all the men were probably even more excited than she was. Once everything was all set up in the ballroom, Rapunzel ran in and plopped herself onto her throne just to try it out and see how it would be when she sat in it when the people came for the ball.

Then she heard the trumpet blow and the man announce that the carriages were coming. When Rapunzel herd this, she quickly jumped to her feet and straightened her dress and stood tall and smiled. Rapunzel was so ready and could not wait anymore for the people to come. Suddenly a maid hurried by with another fork and knife to place on the table and Rapunzel yelled at her, “Why are they not here yet? They were supposed to be here sixteen seconds ago and they’re still not here! They are sixteen seconds late! Oh look at that, know they’re thirty seven seconds late! I am not even sure that they’re coming anymore with how late they are!!!”

The maid replied, “I am sure that they’re going to be here soon, Madame,” before quickly running off.

Right after that, the trumpet blew again and the man announced that the carriages had arrived. When she heard this, Rapunzel threw her fist into the air and yelled “VICTORY!” Then she sat on her throne and waited until the people started to come in and have their names announced.

Rapunzel then gave her speech and toasted the kingdom. She walked to the middle of the ballroom floor and the first man that came forward to her was King Alexander. He was a rich king who was handsome, but a bit full of himself. He danced with Rapunzel until he spotted another young queen who was even more beautiful than Rapunzel was. Rapunzel huffed and took a seat on her throne.

Then a young prince named Edward walked up to Rapunzel; he wore a suit and a top hat with a feather at the top. He was thin and nice, but not exactly what Rapunzel had in mind for a husband. She danced with him anyway, and they talked for hours after that and realized just how much they had in common. They also realized how late it was getting, so they said their goodbyes and then parted ways.

Just when the ball was about to end, a women walked up to Rapunzel and asked Rapunzel to give her the kingdom. Rapunzel refused, and the women said “Fine,” and started raising her hands and gesturing at Rapunzel, saying “This queen did not give me any leadership or power, so let her forever be trapped in this tower.”

Suddenly, the ground beneath Rapunzel started shaking, and then a tower emerged from the ground and Rapunzel was trapped inside of it. The tower was at least one thousand stories above the ground.

Rapunzel yelled at the woman and said “You can’t do this!”

The woman replied, “I already have!” and then laughed and walked away.

Rapunzel cried in that tower for sixteen years and then stopped crying and went to the side of her window and cried for help.

Prince Edward, who was now king Edward, was passing by and heard her cry for help. He asked her what was wrong and Rapunzel replied, “I have only been stuck in this tower for sixteen years! What do you think is wrong, genius?!”

King Edward said, “I think that you want to get down from there.”

Rapunzel said, “Gee, I don’t know, maybe I want to stay up here for another sixteen years.”

“Really?”, Edward asked.

“No, not really!”, Rapunzel said. “Get me down!”

“Ok, well how do you propose we get you down?”, Edward asked.

“I do not really know how to get down, but I guess we could try a few things,” Rapunzel said.

“I have one idea, we could flush you down the toilet…or maybe we you could parachute out?”, Edward suggested.

“NO!”, Rapunzel shouted.

“Then what do you suggest?”, Edward asked.

“Well,” said Rapunzel, “I was thinking that we could use my hair.”

“What?”, asked Edward. “How is that any better than my ideas?”

“Well, it’s a better idea because I have super long hair that almost fills the room now with how many years I have been stuck up here,” Rapunzel said.

“And you are going were with this plan?”, Edward asked.

“I’m saying that I can use my hair to slide down the tower,” Rapunzel said.

“Oh, I get it,” said Edward, “But what do you suggest to do about that woman who put you in the tower in the first place? Don’t you just think that she will try and put you up there again?”, Edward asked.

“No,” said Rapunzel, “Because I am not going to be the one who is fighting her…you are.”

“WHAT?!”, exclaimed Edward. “I’m not fighting her. No way am I doing that.”

“But I cannot fight her,” said Rapunzel.

“Well, I am not either,” said Edward. “Have one of your servants fight her instead.”

“No,” said Rapunzel. “You have to, please.”

“No,” said Edward.

“But, but,” said Rapunzel, “Who else will fight her for me?”

“Someone other than me,” said Edward.

“Fine,” said Rapunzel, “But never expect any help from me ever.”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” said Edward. “Now you can get down from up there.”

“Ok,” said Rapunzel, and slid down her hair; when she reached the ground, she embraced Edward and said “thank you.”

Then they ran to the castle; standing there was the woman who had put Rapunzel into the tower. Rapunzel had dreamed of this moment ever since she had been put into that tower although she never really thought it would happen. She just thought that she would die in that tower.

The women who put Rapunzel into the tower turned around and when she saw Rapunzel she said, “Oh look everyone, little Punzy has come out to join us.”

Rapunzel felt like she would rather be in the grave at that moment than there. As the women got closer, Rapunzel moved away farther. Rapunzel finally backed away as far as she could without falling into the hot lava pit behind her.

The women finally reached Rapunzel and said, “Did you know that I am your aunt? Funny story, actually. Long ago, long before you were even born, Punzy, your mother and I were the best of friends. Actually, she was really the only friend that I had. But one day it came time to pick a queen and those judgmental fools picked your mother instead of the firstborn. So after that I turned on your mother. She said that we could rule together, but I wanted to have all the power, so I after that got a plan and that’s where you came in. I found a man suitable enough for your mother who could charm almost any woman with just his smile, and the fool that you call a mother fell in love with him, falling straight into my little plan. They were married and a year later you were born. And so I thought I could just swoop in on your coronation, take back what was mine, and let you die in that chicken coop. But then ‘lil prince charming over here saves you.”

Rapunzel felt like she had just died and came back to life with all that she had just heard and found out.

“Hey,” said Edward “I’m not ‘ lil’ prince charming’. I am ‘lil king charming, get it right, man.”

“Whatever,” said Rapunzel’s aunt.

After Rapunzel’s aunt turned away from Edward, he shot an arrow through her heart and she fell to the ground about to die.

“What?”, said Rapunzel and looked at Edward.

“You asked me to,” said Edward. “I was just following the queen’s orders.”

Rapunzel ran to Edward and embraced him. They instantly held each other even tighter when they heard a thundering boom. It was the tower that Rapunzel had been in, exploding. Everyone screamed. They knew this was happening because the aunt was dead, and that means that since she made the tower it would now have to die too.

The tower finally stopped and Rapunzel said to the kingdom that they all must start picking up the ruble. That’s exactly what they all did, and once they were done the kingdom was restored to its old beautiful self.

Then Rapunzel and Edward talked for a bit, but when it was getting late Rapunzel said that Edward should probably head back to his kingdom. Edward agreed and told his footman to get the carriage. Right before Edward was about to leave though, he turned to Rapunzel and asked her to marry him. Rapunzel got out the words, yes, definitely, and absolutely before fainting.

Then about five minutes later, Rapunzel woke up, jumped into Edwards arms, and kissed him. They got married the next day and lived happily ever after!


One thought on “Trapped in the Tower by Rosie

  1. Rose, I love your version of Rapunzel!! I think it’s so cool how you used modern vernacular in your telling of the story; it gives it a fun twist! Keep those awesome stories coming! Disney will discover your talent and want you to work for them! All my love forever, G

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