My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 7


I recently went somewhere where I made new friends, and even got to pet some of my friends…I went to the pet shop! The pet shop is a really fun place; they have tons of animals, such as cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, goats, bunnies, and a lot more.

I now want to tell you about some of the animals that I met and got to hold. I first met Snow who is a kitten with white fur and big sky-blue eyes. I got to hold Snow and pet her for a little bit, but then I had to put her back into her cage.

The next cat that I met was Lisle. Lisle is a Siamese cat with bluish-gray eyes and gray (actually a little purple-looking) fur. I did not get to pet or hold Lisle, but I did get to calm her down because she was in distress because her cage was too small for her. It was really sad to see.

The next three cats I met together were siblings; they were Alfa, who is named this because she always wanted to be front and center attention; Hope, who is named Hope because she looked so hopeful; and the final sibling is Squeak. Squeak is named this because when she meowed, it sounded like a little squeak. Alfa, Hope, and Squeak are all gray exotic pure-breed kittens with golden eyes.

The final cat that I met was named Miss-Miss. Miss-Miss is a Persian cat with golden eyes. She was sweet, but a little skittish.

This concludes all of the cats I met at the pet shop, and now I want to move on to how I met Manny, who is a goat. Manny is obviously not that pretty if you’ve seen a goat before, which you probably have; however, Manny is a very, very sweet and cute.

I also saw a lot of different kinds of birds at the pet shop, like roosters, chickens, chicks, ducks, pigeons, peacocks, doves, parrots, and even a falcon. I have heard rumors that there are monkeys at the pet shop, but I have never seen a monkey there!

These are all of the animals that I met at the pet shop. Thank you for reading, and I hope I will have more of my times at the pet shop to share with you soon.


7 thoughts on “My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 7

  1. Rosie……………I am so very PROUD of you and all your accomplishments…………..It is so wonderful how much you are learning being abroad…….at such a young age…..Your website is AWESOME….and i enjoy reading everything you are doing and learning……it is above and beyond what you are doing and what you are accomplishing at age 10…Continue doing what you are doing…..and that is why you are the Remarkable Rosie!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses sent you way……..looking forward to reading your BLOG……Love Mrs. Lynn

    • Thank you so much, Mrs. Lynn, you are one of the most influencing people I know. Plus, you are one of the most inspiring people I know. I miss you so much and cannot wait to see you once I get back. Thank you so much for simply being who you are, you are a wonderful person with a big heart. I hope you are doing well. Love and miss you, Rosie

  2. Rose, I wish I could fly to Kuwait today, just to meet such beautiful sounding kittens! I remember you loved petting the animals at Rafiki’s planet watch at Disney, so I’m not surprised to hear how much you enjoyed the animals at that pet store! I love reading all your entries about life in Kuwait; it almost makes me feel like I’m there with you! Keep them coming, Sweetie!! All my love, Gramma

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