The Ice Curse by Rosie


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It was another cold day in the Kingdom of Ice, and the sun glimmered on the ice and snow. Ella laid in bed not wanting to get up because she was so warm and cozy, but she knew that she must get up and sit on her throne all day doing nothing. That was her job; she was the queen of the Kingdom of Ice.

The kingdom was called Ice because they were famous for trading their loads of ice for furs and things like that. Ella usually did not stay on her throne all day like she was supposed to; she usually did other things like sledding, ice skating, making snow angels, and all sorts of other things. Ella did not like being bored for long and her pet polar bear (Icicle), who was actually a cub who lost his family, did not like being bored for long either. The two of them always had to be doing something fun. Then once the sun was going down they had to travel back to the castle, eat dinner and go to bed.

They did the same thing every single morning, but one morning the door was completely blocked with snow so that no one could get out. Ella said that they must find a way to get out. All the guards tried but could not break the door down, so they went to Ella and said that could not open the door. Then one of the maids came up to Ella and said to her, “I believe that this is the work of the Snow Queen”.

“Who’s the Snow Queen? And why is she blocking our doorway?”, Ella asked.

“I don’t know why she is doing this, but I can tell you that she is cold. And last time she attacked, she wiped out a whole kingdom.”

After Ella heard this, she asked her guards to watch for anything suspicious and to block the door. Ella said that she and Icicle would be in the library.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a cold and sharp voice said, “Oh how sweet of you to let me in!”, and the door flung open, throwing the guards to the ground. “Oh how I love the style of my new palace,” said the Snow Queen.

“It’s not your palace,” said the maid who told Ella about the Snow Queen.

“Zip it, Granny,” said the snow queen and froze her. “Now if I were a foolish little queen where would I be?”

The snow queen started looking for Ella and saw some polar cub paw prints leading to the library. The Snow Queen opened the door to the library and said, “Oh how sweet of me to stop by and give you a little visit”. Ella just stared at her, terrified. “You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?”

Ella barely got out a “no” before fainting.

“Oh well,” said the Snow Queen. Then she sat down on the throne and said, “It’s too warm in here. Maids who I did not freeze, turn of the heat!”

“No,” said Ella, “This is my castle, these are my workers, and this is my kingdom that you cannot take away from me. Now I command you to leave or I will have to make you leave myself!”

“I am not leaving,” said the Snow Queen.

“Oh yes, you are. Everyone turn up the heat full-blast!”

And then the Snow Queen laughed and said, “What will that do to me?” And then she started to melt. “Wait, wait, what’s happening to me? No!”

And then the Snow Queen was just a pile of water. Ella had done it!

Then outside the sun came up, the snow melted, and the flowers bloomed for the first time in the kingdom whose name was changed to the Kingdom of Bloom.


The end.


6 thoughts on “The Ice Curse by Rosie

  1. Great story, Rosie! Wow, this sounds like Buffalo. But actually, we got a snowstorm here in Connecticut today! On the 31st of March!! I bet you don’t have any snow there. Do you miss it?? I love you.

  2. We got snow in Buffalo on March 29th, but yesterday, March went out like a lamb, and today (April 1st), the temperature is going up to 60! Yay! That was a good story, Rosie, I enjoyed reading it. Love you 🙂

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