The Two True Meanings of Easter by Rosie

The Two True Meanings of Easter

Today I want to talk about the two true meanings of Easter Day: spending time with family and Jesus dying on the cross.

First, a short story written by me…

Once there was an unkind and rude boy named John. John always complained about how boring Easter Day was, and his mother always told him to not complain or be so rude all the time. But John would not listen to his mother.

On Easter John started to complain about everything that could possibly think of, and this made his mother so angry that she told him to leave and go outside if he was going to continue his terrible complaining. John ran as far as he could into the forest that was said to be owned by a witch, but he did not care; he just wanted to get as far away as he could.

When he reached the middle of the forest, he saw a woman standing in front of him. In not less than a second, John knew that the woman was the witch. John was so scared that he could not even move and he wondered if death would be an option right at the moment when the witch asked “Why have you come into my forest?”

John tried to slowly back away, but the witch grabbed him by the shirt and said “No one leaves my forest without an explanation of why they came!”

“I’m sorry it was a mistake,” John said.

Then the witch came close enough to John that he could feel her breathing on his neck and she said “Why did you want to get away from your own mother on Easter Day?”

“Because my mother did not want me there and I did not want to bother her so…”

“Liar!” shouted the witch. “You did not want to be there because you hate Easter and you just wanted to complain!”

“I’ll go back to my Mother and fix things.”

“No, you must be punished!” said the witch.

“No………….!” said John.

And the witch turned him into the Easter Bunny and said, “Now you may serve on Easter Day and bring families closer together instead of tearing them apart. Easter is a time for family, not brats like yourself!” And the witch diapered into the forest’s light fog.

To this day, John regrets all his complaining and not wanting to spend time with his mother on Easter Day, but he serves others well.

Now that I’ve finished telling my story with one meaning of Easter, I want to move to the next meaning of Easter, which is when Jesus resurrected from the dead. Jesus had twelve disciples, but one of his disciples betrayed him though, and Jesus was hung on the cross and died. Then, three days later, Jesus resurrected from his death. Jesus is also a big part of Easter Day, and actually the reason there is an Easter at all.

So the next time that you wonder what Easter is truly about, you can remember that Easter is a time for family, and Easter is all because of Jesus dying on the cross.


5 thoughts on “The Two True Meanings of Easter by Rosie

  1. My precious Rosie, I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am right now. You decidedly bring to life the passage of scripture “…and a little child shall lead them…” I also loved your story about the Easter Bunny’s origin! I promise you, Rose, your imagination will take you places in life that are as big as the universe!! Love, Gramma

  2. I guess I don’t read my e-mail as often as I should, since I am just getting to your Easter story. I enjoy reading your blogs though. You are becoming a very talented story writer and I hope you keep this up. I Love you Rosie Happy Easter!

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