Just recently I got a new kitten named Elsa-Lola, but I call her Elsa for short. I named her Elsa because she reminds me of Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. Elsa is an all-white Turkish Angora cat with what are called “odd- eyes” (one blue eye and one green eye). She is beautiful.

Elsa was super small when I first got her (just 400 grams!) and she could perfectly sit in the palm of my hands, but now she is getting much bigger and I have only had her for about a month! It’s actually quite incredible how fast Elsa has been growing since I put her on kitten chow.

We got Elsa when she was between 4 to 6 weeks old, so we figure her birthday is around March 1. Since she was so young when we got her, she should have still been drinking her mom’s milk, so feeding her was a bit of a challenge. First I tried water, but Elsa would not drink the water. Then I went to skim milk because that’s what the man at the pet shop told me to give her, but that did not work (she had really bad tummy troubles!), so then we gave her egg that we beat with water and cooked over low heat (whisking continuously) until it formed a thick milk-like liquid. She liked the egg and her tummy troubles got better, but this wasn’t a permanent solution; we knew she needed food that was developed for a kitten (but if you have a kitten who you need to feed in an emergency situation, an egg cooked this way will work well! Put a couple tablespoons of lukewarm egg prepared this way into a shallow bowl and your kitten will lap it up).

Then we took Elsa to the vet who gave her antibiotics; at his recommendation, we put Elsa on soft canned food for kittens. That worked well and she loved it, but we only bought a 1 week supply at first and when we went back to the store we could no longer find her canned food…but we found kitten chow! Now she only eats kitten chow and drinks water, and she seems to be very happy (with no tummy issues!).

I must admit to you that taking care of my new kitten Elsa has been rough because Elsa is like a baby in so many ways. She always needs attention and supervision; however, it was not as hard to raise Elsa once I got a better idea of what she likes what she dislikes. Raising a kitten like Elsa can be quite easy if you know a lot about cats and kittens and know what to expect from them. Some things to expect from a kitten are playfulness, hyperactivity, cuteness, and neediness. Your kitten or cat will need your CONSTANT attention! Twenty four seven they will need you because they need someone to feed them, to pet them, to play with them, to change their litter, to clean them, etc.

Having a kitten makes it hard to get to sleep the first few nights, but once you find a way that works for you and for your kitten, it will get easier. For example when Elsa first came to me she did not want to sleep at all and she would keep me up all night; then I thought if maybe I sang a lullaby to Elsa she would fall fast asleep and that’s exactly what happened; Elsa fell fast asleep and I got to sleep too. Also, gently rubbing her fur between her eyes makes her sleepy. Right before we go to bed, I make sure to refill Elsa’s food and water dishes so she won’t meow in the night if she’s hungry or thirsty. I also make sure to arrange the blankets in her bed so they’re comfortable for her, so she’s more likely to sleep there.

I am really happy that I have a new kitten Elsa, and I am happy that I got to introduce her to you. I hope like Elsa to. Check back often. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Elsa

  1. Wow, Rose, you’re right! Elsa is beyond adorable!! Pets really do enrich our lives! I’m so proud of you for taking the responsibility of Elsa’s needs so seriously. Now I have yet ANOTHER reason to be so very proud of you!! Way to go, beautiful! Love, Gramma

  2. Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, a contract that you agree to keep for all of the pet’s life. Good for you, sweetie, enjoy your Elsa!
    Te amo, Rositta 🙂

  3. Soooo beautiful, Rosie! What a great job you’re doing with Elsa and what a big responsibility to take on! But you reap what you sow. I’m sure you’ll get many happy years with you’re new friend. Love you.

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