A New Family for December by Rosie


December lived in a cottage in the forest with her Mother, Father, four brothers, and two sisters. Their parents, Amanda and David, one night went out into a storm and did not come back.

Once the storm was over, Amanda and David’s bodies were found. December and her brothers and sisters buried their two parents in the backyard of their cottage in the forest. They all mourned for their parents for about four years straight, but then decided that they must move on, so December raised her four brothers David, Many, Tom, and Tim and her two sisters Lacy and Violet.

December raised them all as well as she could, and then found out about something called school. The boys did not like the idea of school, but the girls said that school sounded lovely even though they were not too sure about the idea themselves. December told her brothers and sisters that while they were in school she would work in town. Tom said, “Hey, why do you get to go into the town and not us?!”

“You will be able to go into town too,” December replied.

“When?”, Tom questioned.

“When you go to your school, of course.”

The boys loudly roared with excitement, but the girls only roared with excitement on the inside.

The next day, December was ready to start her work at the shop, and the girls and boys were anxious to get to their new school, although they were still a little nervous. December walked down the path that would take her to the shop and wondered how it was going to be working there each day. December finally made it to the shop and when she walked in she heard her boss, Casandra, say in a friendly voice, “Nice to see that you are just on time.”

December said she was hoping to be just on time, and that she was happy that she was on time. Casandra led December to a room in the back of the shop. The shop’s front where the customers came was a rectangular room with sky blue wallpaper and a long wooden counter in the front. In the front of the shop there were two barrels of Christmas candy as well as fabrics, a row of beautiful china dolls, and there were even things that December had never seen or heard of before.

December liked the back of the shop too, and Casandra said that this is where she would be working and December would be working in the front helping customers. Casandra was a beautiful women about forty-six years old; she was thin and kind and wore a red dress that had lace ruffles at the neck and elbows. Her skirt was a hoop skirt that danced when she walked. She was married to Mr. Armintell who was also nice.

December liked working with the customers; they were mostly all polite and happy. They all liked December too, and they thought she was very nice and polite herself. December always liked to be kind and polite because when she was a child her father always told her that the polite, kind, and giving people are the ones who will get rewarded and who will get privileges, but if you are unkind and go without manners, then you will not be rewarded for your behavior and you will not get privileges. And her mother always said that her father was right and that she should let nothing persuade her to be unkind or selfish. So December listened to her parents and made sure that every time she was about to make an unkind decision or be selfish that she would make a kind decision and not be selfish.

December was surprised when it became sundown and it was time to go home. December had had a lovely first day and hoped that tomorrow would be an even better one. When December got back to the cottage, she saw twelve eyes worriedly looking at her. Her brothers and sisters said that tomorrow there was supposed to be a terrible blizzard. December asked them were they all got that crazy idea from and said that it was the middle of autumn it could not possibly snow yet, not so soon at least. They said that their teacher Mrs. Romendie said that the cloud was seen coming this way just a few days ago and it is getting closer and closer and it is getting worse and worse as it moves!

December said, “We are going to have to leave then; I cannot risk any one of us getting hurt.”

“But how will we travel if we do not even have a wagon?”, asked one of December’s siblings.

December said that they would be traveling by train. They had never been on a train before and they had never heard great things about it either, but it was the only way that they would get out in time before the blizzard came.

So they all brought what they could carry inside their bags and then left to go upstate. When they were finally on the train they loved it. The train was clean and the seats were made from red velvet. A man finally came and he took everyone’s ticket and put holes in them. He wore a hat that had the letters CONDUCTOR written on it. December did not quite enjoy the ride on the train, but she knew that everyone was going to like the hotel. The hotel was nice, and they ate dinner there with the rest of the people who were in the hotel. They would be staying in the hotel until December could find a place where they could stay.

One day December took a walk and tried to tell herself that she could handle things, but she knew as well as anyone else that she was not going to be able to handle this herself. Then suddenly she bumped into someone familiar; it was Casandra, she had traveled upstate too, like a lot of others because of the storm. December told Casandra all of what she was going through; how she was worried and of how she did not know how she was going to make a house. And then Casandra said, “There is nothing to worry about, December; you and your siblings can stay with us and we will provide for you and we will be a family.” December could not stop thanking her because of how thankful she truly was. They lived in a nice home after that and they all lived happily ever after as one family.

The end.


2 thoughts on “A New Family for December by Rosie

  1. Rose, what a beautiful story! It’s chock full of good messages that we all need to remember: when tragedy strikes, we need to be strong, we need to take our responsibilities very seriously, when we work hard, are courteous and kind, we are rewarded, we need each other to succeed, and above all to be thankful! You are becoming more creative with every story you write, Sweetie! I am so very proud of you! Love, Gramma

  2. What a great story about family, Rosie! You really have the gift of story telling. Keep up the good writing!! Love you. Aunt Peg

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