Mango Soft Serve

Mango Soft Serve

Mango soft serve is so delicious and super easy to make.

My Aunt and I eat mango soft serve all the time, especially while we are watching one of our favorite television series called Once Upon A Time. We love to enjoy this tasty snack at the end of our day and relax. In my own opinion, mango soft serve is just like soft serve ice cream, just a healthy kind, and better!

I love an Italian kind of ice cream called gelato because of how creamy and flavorful it is, but once my Aunt made mango soft serve for me, I had a new favorite because of how the flavors blended together perfectly, even more than gelato. I like it with flaked coconut on top to give it a finishing touch.

Once I had my first bite of mango soft serve I could not stop eating it, and then when it was gone I went back to the blender and scooped out all that was left into my bowl. Then when I went into the kitchen later, I saw that my aunt had already washed the blender and I freaked out. I loved that mango soft serve so much and wanted more, that I even told my aunt that I would gladly live off of it. I was ready to go to a land that was full of only mangos and blenders and stay there for the rest of my life.

I recommend that you try some mango soft serve for yourself after I give you this simple recipe…

Mango Soft Serve

Yields 2 servings


14 ounces frozen mango pieces

1/2 cup mango juice (or any kind of juice you have)

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 pinch sea salt


1. Add all ingredients into a blender or food processor and process until smooth and creamy. (You will need to tamp down the ingredients and scrape down the sides of the container a few times.)

2. Transfer to 2 serving bowls and eat immediately. You can top it with anything you like, such as flaked coconut, toasted nuts chocolate chips, or fresh berries.

I hope that you try this recipe for yourself and I hope that you love it. Thank you for reading. Check back often! 🙂

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