My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 10


Mecca (Image Source)

Today I want to talk about the Islamic religion, which is the most popular religion in the Middle East. I have noticed that many people here in Kuwait follow this religion.

Muslims (people who believe in the Islamic religion), unlike some religions such as Christianity (the belief of three Gods: the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus), believe that there is only one God. They believe that the Holy Spirit is Gabriel, and that Jesus was just a prophet of God, but is not actually God himself since he never said that he was God.

Muslims study a book that is called the Qur’an. God told Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel what to write in the Qur’an and then the Prophet Muhammad recited what Gabriel told him should be written. This is how the book the Qur’an was written.

A couple other things about Muslims in general: they believe that angels are messengers of God, and they go to Mosque on Friday, the way that Christians go to Church on Sunday.

Muslims must do some things such as: praying to God five times a day; believing in only one God and that Muhammad is his prophet; paying charity; fasting Ramadan (eating only before sunrise and after sundown for a month); and making a pilgrimage to Mecca if they can (Mecca is where the first building to worship God was ever built).

Now I want to talk about one of the special things that Muslims must do: Ramadan. In Ramadan, Muslims do not eat from dawn until sunset. During that time, they also do not smoke, and some Muslims do not swear during that time either. Muslims who are ill, pregnant, diabetic, or are going through menstrual bleeding do not fast Ramadan. Muslim children do not fast Ramadan, only grown up Muslims fast Ramadan. Before dawn there is a meal suhoor that is eaten before the sun comes up.

My own Uncle is a Muslim. He must do all the things that Muslims must do. I have the opportunity to watch him pray five times a day, he believes in only one God, he fasts Ramadan each year, and he wishes to someday go to Mecca.

I think that the Islamic Religion is very, very interesting and I hope that you think the same now that you have learned all about it. Thank you for reading and check back often! 🙂


One thought on “My Remarkable Trip to Kuwait: Part 10

  1. Rose, I’m so proud of you! Thank you for giving your readers a peek into how devoted Muslims are. I can’t speak for any Christians besides myself, but I could benefit from a little fasting myself! Hats to them for it! Love, Gramma

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