The Real Pocahontas


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Once there was an Indian princess named Pocahontas; she was a real girl who was born in 1590.Her father was great Chief Powtana; he was the leader of about 30 tribes. Chief Powtana had about 25 daughters and Pocahontas was one of his favorites.

Pocahontas loved her life and her family. She had an adventurous spirit and she loved to explore. She was a peacemaker and a leader, much like her father was.

One day a big ship landed on the shore with more than 100 people in it. One special person aboard the ship was John smith.

Powtana felt threatened and tried killing John smith, but then, Pocahontas blocked her father from killing John Smith and said that he would have to kill her first. So Powtana killed neither of them.

Pocahontas helped John Smith and brought him food and goods. They spent time together and became allies, and some people think that there might have been a romance between the two.

John and Pocahontas enjoyed their time together, but one day yet another big ship came, this time carrying English colonists and they threatened to take Pocahontas if Powtana did not give them what they wanted. Powtana held out some broken battle supplies. Pocahontas said that her father would have offered more if he loved her more, and said that she would rather stay with the English who were abducting her.

Pocahontas was taken to England and was taught to be a gentle and elegant woman. She was also taught to speak English through reading the Bible. She was baptized and became a Christian. Pocahontas’ name was then changed to Rebecca.Not long after, Rebecca met and married a man named John Rolfe.

Rebecca got to meet the Queen of England.

Rebecca/Pocahontas died from Tuberculosis when she was only twenty two years old.

Pocahontas, in my own opinion had an exciting life, but based on fact, a short one. She was an amazing Indian princess, a peace maker, and a kind person, helping people that she did not even know, like John Smith. Pocahontas was very brave to do all that she did do at such a young age; I hope that her brave life spreads through the world and inspires people to be brave like her.


2 thoughts on “The Real Pocahontas

  1. Very good write-up, Rosie. Are you studying American History in your classes right now, or are you just researching Pocahontas for fun?
    We had beautiful weather for Mother’s Day, yesterday, and spent the afternoon picking up sticks in Gam and Gaffer’s yard…. really BIG sticks, because Uncle Butch went around the yard with a chain saw and pruned all the trees 😀
    Have a great week.
    Te amo, Rositta.
    Love, Aunt Gretchen

  2. I wish i had time to read all of your blog posts Rosie. I enjoy your insight into the topics that interest you most. Hope you are doing well, give my love to your Aunt Faith and Uncle Mike.
    Aunt Suzie

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