From a Princess to a Frog by Rosie


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Once there lived a beautiful princess named Lily. Lily was spoiled and she did not like to do anything by herself. She took advantage of all the workers in the castle because she would soon be the Queen of Caplin Kingdom, a kingdom that was famous for catching frogs and trading them for seeds from the Kingdom of Bloom.

One day Lily ordered one of her personal servants to take her to the pond where the frogs lived so that she could get a new frog as a pet because her last frog Sir Hoppy had fallen off castle roof. Her servant caught many frogs before Lily finally chose a frog and said that this frog would have to do. The frog was taken to the castle, but Lily stayed by the pond. Lily sat on her portable throne with a table and built-in umbrella, and watched the quiet pond. Then a frog slowly approached her and transformed into an ugly green woman. Lily said to her, “You have no right to be here, GREENY!

The green woman said, “Oh, but I do, your majesty. You see, I heard that you have been a very naughty girl and nothing has been done about it! I am here to fix that little problem.”

Then the green woman turned Lily into a slimy frog. Lily the frog screamed, but she was shocked to hear that it came out as a long Rrribit! Then the green woman laughed and said, “Hope you have fun in the pond, GREENY!” Then she laughed so hard that it shook the whole pond, and Lily hopped into a hole underwater.

There she found many other frogs that in unison said Rrribit! Lily quickly dug her own hole and hid in it, but soon the workers from her castle came to catch her and trade her to be consumed by what used to be her own kind! Lily was instantly captured and put into a plastic bag. She was thrown into a carriage with other frogs and taken away to a different place than the Kingdom of Bloom. She heard the workers say that they were headed to the Southern Kingdom.

Lily was jostled in every direction in the carriage, but finally was taken out and put into a bigger plastic bag that got even smaller when all other frogs where thrown into the same bag. Then the worst part of all came; hundreds of dead flies where thrown into the bag also, and then long pink frog tongues were extended to catch the flies. Every frog in the bag was handed over to the worker of the Southern Kingdom.

The six- year-old princess walked out and when she saw Lily, she screamed for joy and said, “Oh I want it, I want it, oh please!” Then the worker handed Lily over to the princess.

The princess again screamed for joy and tossed Lily around, and worse yet, the princess put Lily on a leash. Next the prince walked in and saw Lily on the leash and asked his sister, “What are you, crazy? Frogs do not go on a leash! Give me that frog, I will take proper care of this poor amphibian.” The princess had no choice but to hand Lily over to her brother.

The prince, whose name was Prince Philip, took Lily up to his main room, and found a nice place to put her. Lily was allowed to hop about the prince’s room, and one day while hopping she found a book that sounded a lot like her situation: it was the fairy tale The Princess and the Frog!

Lily dragged the book over to the prince and showed him the page where the princess kisses the frog and the frog became a prince again. The prince studied the page because he did not know what Lily wanted, but finally it hit him. He thought that Lily must have been turned into a frog, so he bravely kissed Lily and she turned back into a princess. The prince did not know what to say, but he instantly fell in love with the girl who once had been his pet frog.

Lily looked at him and said slowly, “I have had a pretty rough day; you too, I am guessing?”

The prince replied, “Yes,” and then asked Lily what her name was. She said that she was Lily, Princess of Capline. When the prince heard this, he knew that it was his chance.

He asked Lily to marry him. Lily accepted his request and they were married a week later. They lived together happily ever after in their castle, and never saw that green nasty woman frog again.

The End.


3 thoughts on “From a Princess to a Frog by Rosie

  1. I love your crazy fairy tales, Rosie. Quite a turn-around from the traditional story. Really creative!! Love you. Aunt Peg

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