My Remarkable Trip to Phuket Island, Thailand

Rosie with Tiger Cub

Recently I took a vacation to an island in Thailand called Phuket. While in Phuket, I had a remarkable time while seeing lots of new things, doing new things, meeting new people, and simply having a remarkable time. I will tell you all about it…

One of the first things that we did in Phuket was go to a remarkable place called Tiger Kingdom. While at Tiger Kingdom, I got to play and feed REAL LIVE TIGER CUBS!!! Playing and feeding the tiger cubs was so, so, SO much fun! The tiger cubs in my opinion were like cute, and fluffy big kittens!!!

Rosie with Tiger Cub 2

Rosie Feeding Tiger Cub

I also had fresh coconut water for the first time at Tiger Kingdom.

Rosie with Fresh Coconut

One day while we were in Phuket, we went to Patong Beach and had the fish spa treatment done. This was very interesting….ok, it was crazy awesome!!! At the fish spa, the fish swarmed around my feet and ate the dead skin off my feet. When the fish swarmed around my feet to eat the dead skin, it tickled so much that I squirmed like a maniac for about the first ten minutes, but once I had gotten used to the feeling I did not squirm as much and was able to enjoy the awesome and odd fish spa.

Rosie at Fish Spa

We went to Buddhist temples at Wat Chalong that looked so very remarkable. People were praying inside the beautiful temples, facing golden statues of monks. Also at the temples there was a kind of fruit being sold that I had never seen or heard of before, called yeeberries. I ate some and they were delicious! To get to the edible part, you have to crack through the outer coating; once you do, you will find that each yeeberry has a pit surrounded by fleshy fruit.

Wat Chalong


We went to a really cool market called The Weekend Market. At The Weekend Market there were so many things, such as clothes, jewelry, local food, home decorations, religious objects, and tons more.


The resort where we stayed was so pretty, and there were lots of activities to do.

View From our Terrace

Thavorn Elephant

Rosie Doing Batik Painting

Back at the resort where we stayed, there were a few Kashmiri rug sellers. The rug sellers called their rugs magic rugs because when they turned the, rugs the rugs would change color because of the light reflecting differently on the rug’s pile. The rugs were all made of natural silk and are not affected by scissors or fire (the sellers even proved this with live demonstrations!), plus the rugs were all-hand made by different families in Kashmir.

One of my favorite things that I got to do in Phuket was just hang at the villa and swim. I had so much fun at the villa swimming in the Pacific Ocean and in the totally remarkable swimming pools there. I also liked to sit on the stools at the swim-up bar in the swimming pool and sip on delicious Thai iced coffee.



Thai Iced Coffee

I also enjoyed the many shops in Phuket, especially in the Patong Beach area. I liked walking around and being able to see and buy some really cool things, like diaries made of rice paper, photo albums, wooden stick pencils, and tons more handmade things.

At the villa I got to take a Thai cooking class. The recipes were easy and the results were remarkable. First I made a kind of Thai salad, and then I made a Thai curry that was my personal favorite. In this recipe there was a ton of Thai ingredients and all of them blended together so nicely. I made another dish after that, which was a soup with some fantastic ingredients that also turned out to be amazing! Finally I made a delightful desert with three main ingredients: banana, coconut, and to top it off sesame seeds, this dessert was so delightful delicious…and you guessed it, totally remarkable.

Rosie at Cooking Class

I had such a remarkable trip in Phuket and hope to go again. Thank you for reading and check back often! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Remarkable Trip to Phuket Island, Thailand

  1. Wow,Rose, there are no words that can do justice to the incredible experience you had! What an awesome and wonderful blessing for you!! You must be so grateful for such an opportunity, my little world traveler! Love, Gramma

  2. Be forever grateful for what your Aunt Faith has provided for you. A Semester Abroad is something many of us can only dream of and you got to experience it first hand. Treasure this experience for the rest of you life. Hope to get to see you after you get back home. Love Aunt Suzie

  3. Rosie, this truly was a remarkable trip!! You have convinced me that Thailand should be on my must visit list!! I have also had the delightful experience of drinking cocoanut milk out of a cocoanut when I was on Hainan Island in China. You might like to go there someday, too. Thailand looks so beautiful and exotic! I love the architecture, not to mention the incredibly beautiful forest and ocean. What a wonderful and unique experience you must have had! I am totally jealous!! I know you are probably home by now, but I hope you continue to treasure your experiences here and in Kuwait. You’re a very lucky girl to have been able to travel so far!! I hope to see you soon and hear more about it. Love you. Aunt Peggy

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