Rouz by Rosie

Rouz By Rosie

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Once long ago there lived a young peasant girl named Rouz.

Rouz had eyes the color of the Milky Way. Rouz had long healthy beautiful golden locks that followed behind her like a train. Rouz had pure white skin and lips as red as a rose. Rouz was by far the most gorgeous fourteen-year-old that the Kingdom of Bloom had ever seen.

Rouz lived in a very warm land, which was still completely new to her because just the year before Rouz and her family had lived in Russia where she was born Russia. She was disappointed to leave her native land, but was happy because the kingdom that she currently lived in (the Kingdom of Bloom which has legend to it) was known to all other kingdoms for their drop-dead gorgeous roses. Rouz loved to pick these beautiful roses and sell them or just keep some for a pretty decoration for her family’s home, which she thought was a pitiful home compared to the other homes in her kingdom.

Rouz was loved by most people in the kingdom, and some young men her age even offered her rides in their fancy carriages. Rouz was surprised when this happened and thought of it as a nice greeting ride that the people gave to everyone, but Rouz’s parents thought differently. Rouz’s fourteenth birthday had just recently come and soon after that Rouz’s parents had a talk with her and explained that maybe if she got a good paying job, then they could possibly move out of their small house and buy a wooden wheel chair and medicine for her little sister (Aurora) who could not walk. Rouz immediately agreed to this and right away thought of working in the palace.

Rouz ran to the palace with joy and eagerness just thinking of the great results her hard work could produce. However, she was not thinking about moving into a better home with her family; she was only thinking about Aurora and how happy this would make her. Rouz finally made it to the palace entrance and cautiously made her way up the stairs, trying her best not to smudge the servant’s hard and glossy work. Rouz finally made it to the palace doors and tried explaining her purpose to the palace guards. The guards got the king and asked him if they had a purpose for her in the palace; the king said that they could always use another servant to help around the palace for 20 pieces of silver a week.

Rouz happily agreed to this good payment and started walking over to the kitchen first and see if the other servants needed help with anything. While Rouz was going to do this, she tripped because the young Prince Mathew had ran into her, making her lose her balance. She suddenly felt a soft hand reach out to her. Rouz focused her eyes and say the oldest prince, Prince Stephan, standing over her waiting to help her up. Rouz quickly got up herself and bowed clumsily. She said that her name was Rouz and she was a servant currently working at his palace. He told Rouz his own name even though she was sure that she already knew it, and he also apologized for his brother’s rudeness. Rouz said that Mathew was fine and said she was sure he did not mean it. Stephan asked if there was anything he could help her with, and Rouz said that it would be great if he could help her find the kitchen. Stephan gladly accompanied her to the kitchen were all the women were cooking and gossiping.

When Stephan and Rouz walked into the loud room of women, the room went silent and all the women curtsied and then began staring at them and whispering. Rouz cautiously went down the two steps, washed her hands in the basin, and began to work. Before Stephan left the room he handed Rouz an invitation.


A Royal Ball will be held on September 15 to find a wife for Prince Stephan. Please attend and bring a mask, optionally.

~Sr. Mandelle  

Rouz ran her fingers over the beautiful invitation, mesmerized by the intricate writing and how it shone in the bright warm sunlight. Rudely, one of the other young women shoved Rouz and gave her a dirty look. Rouz rubbed her shoulder and looked over at the other young women. The rude young women just smirked and went on with what she was doing. Rouz suddenly realized that when she was shoved she had dropped her invitation into the wash basin. Without her invitation she couldn’t get into the ball which began in two hours.

Rouz went back to where the wash basin was supposed be, but when she looked there was nothing there. Rouz looked over her shoulder and saw one of the women walking in with the empty wash basin. Rouz ran out of the palace and back to her small home. When she got to her family’s hut she looked for other members of her family, but there was no one there. She suddenly saw a long line of footprints leading into the Dead Woods. Rouz cautiously made her way into the woods that had a heavy feeling of depression and darkness.

The Dead Woods looked as if a large pot of black ink had been poured open into it. As Rouz walked deeper into the woods, she suddenly heard a strong forceful voice scream, “ANY FINAL WORDS?!”

And then Rouz heard her little sister Aurora scream through her tears, “HELP, PLEASE! LET ME GO!” Rouz didn’t even think about what she had heard; she just ran through the woods so fast as if her life depended on it. Rouz suddenly froze in astonishment and horror. There stood her family begging a dark cloaked what sounded like a woman, not to kill…

Was that…AURORA?!!!

Rouz again ran but this time she knew what she was doing. She was going to stop that woman. She ran over and stood right in her way. Rouz took in a deep breath of anger and declared at the top of her lungs, “YOU WILL NOT LAY A HAND ON HER OR ANYONE ELSE YOU WEAK MONSTER!” 

The woman just laughed in an evil tone and then said sharply, “Move before I kill you too!”

“NO!”, Rouz screamed. “You will not harm me or anyone else here, not now and not ever!”

The woman was infuriated and was not going to let Rouz or anyone else get in her way now. A flash flew out of her dark scepter that she carried with her and was just about to strike Rouz and Aurora, but then a bright flash guarded them and blasted back the evil woman. The woman quickly got to her feet and said in a sharp voice, “You don’t forget me now because I will get my revenge!” 

The woman suddenly disappeared leaving her threat with Rouz. Rouz ran to her family, bringing Aurora with her. They all wondered how something so terrible could have happened to them. Rouz suddenly perked up. “Oh no, I must get ready or else I am going to be late for the ball.”

Rouz giggled and quickly ran to their cottage, but there was nothing appropriate she could wear. Her mother said, “Follow me, dear; I might have just the thing.” She led Rouz to her closet and pulled out a long sapphire dress that lid up like the night sky. It was so beautiful and had belonged to her great, great, great, great, great Grandmother Cinderella who had died years ago. She passed this down to them along with her lineage of royalty.

Rouz thanked her mother and asked, “May I put it on?”

“Yes,” her mother replied.

Rouz carefully put on the beautiful dress. Rouz looked breathtaking, as if a galaxy of stars covered her. Rouz hugged her mother and then quickly made her way to the ball. Rouz suddenly remembered she had dropped her invitation in the water. The guards would not let Rouz come in without her invitation, but it made no difference.

Prince Stephan finally made his way through the large crowd and held out his hand to Rouz, whispering, “May I have this dance?”

“Yes,” Rouz said happily.

The End.


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