Home Again


My Grandma and I at Friday’s Market in Kuwait

I will never forget traveling to Kuwait, not just because I was able to see a foreign place, but also because I got to learn about their culture and traditions. 

Traveling to Kuwait, Thailand, and UAE were the greatest adventures I have ever taken. I met people there who helped build my wonderful adventures in the Middle East like a story. Although the Middle East will always have a place in my heart, I am happy to be home in the USA again.

Getting back to the USA was not so fun. We traveled for about two days straight and had three different flights; I was tired at the end of our journey! Then instead of staying in Buffalo, we settled in Alexandria, VA, which is just outside Washington DC. I learned to call this beautiful, new (to me) state home.


This is the view right off our patio here in Virginia.

Time has flown by so fast since I got here, and I have grown to love Virginia. There are so many cultural and historical places to visit here, and I love my new school and the friends I’ve made. I will always miss places that I have traveled, but I know that this is by far my favorite place so far because it is my home.

Here are a few of the adventures I’ve had so far in Virginia and the DC area…

Landmarks Around DC (We also went to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, but I forgot my phone so I don’t have any pictures…oops! You can see a little bit of the Washington Monument on the left in the photo of the US Department of Agriculture.)



George Washington’s Mount Vernon




Smithsonian Castle




Smithsonian Zoo



Apple and Pumpkin Picking in Northern Virginia




Farmers Market in Old Town Alexandria


At a Park Near Our House

IMG_0468(small)Getting Ready for Some Halloween Fun!



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