The Curse by Rosie


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There was once a miller and he had a beautiful daughter with hair like gold, lips like a rose, eyes like the brilliant blue sky, and skin as soft and pale as snow. Her father saw this and believed that with her his family could have riches beyond belief and he had a plan.

One day he took a trip to the palace with his daughter in toe and when they arrived the miller offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to the King. The King saw her beauty as well but wasn’t quite convinced, so the miller also claimed that his daughter could spin straw to gold. At this, the king was intrigued, so he locked the miller’s daughter in a room with straw and a spinning wheel to spin straw to gold as her father had claimed she could. The King added that if she did not spin the straw into gold, she would be executed. She knew she wouldn’t be able to do this since her father had lied, and she began to cry and scream in agony. Suddenly a small man appeared in the room and offered to help the girl. She straight away took his offer and thanked him. Before beginning his work, he grabbed the necklace from around her neck and claimed it as his payment. She, being in such desperation, agreed, and he began his work. Soon the room was filled with gold. The girl was in such great relief when he was done and again thanked him profusely before he disappeared. The King walked to the room and when he opened the door he was astonished, but very pleased. He then led her to a different room containing even more straw and once again a spinning wheel. The girl once again, not knowing what to do, began to weep and yell in distress and just like before the little man appeared. He now began to spin this straw to gold until the room was filled with gold. The girl again thanked him and asked him if she owed him anything. He replied by claiming that she owed him her first born child.

At this she began to cry, refusing to give up the child. He then offered an agreement to her. He said that if she could guess his name in three days she could keep her child. He then left and the King entered the room; the king was now convinced and the next day took her as his wife. The following day the small man appeared and the Queen guessed his name to be John. He laughed and shook his head and then this time instead of disappearing, exited through the castle doors. He returned the next day and the Queen guessed that his name was Falcon. He once again said she was wrong and left as he was leaving the Queen in secret called over a guard and ordered him to follow the little man and find out the little man’s name. He did as the Queen ordered him and followed the small man into the woods where he heard him singing a song in which he revealed his name. The guard hurried back to the castle and informed the Queen of the name he had heard.

The next day the little man appeared and when the Queen guessed his name correctly to be Rumpelstiltskin; the little man got angered and disappeared and was never seen by the Queen again. One night while the Queen was sleeping a witch appeared in her room and cast a curse that made it so that the queen would never be able to have what she wanted most: a baby girl. This curse would allow her to have boys but when the boys took wives, their wombs would become cursed as well so that they could never bear girls in their womb. This curse was recorded on a paper by none other than the witch herself and in the end she said that no magical creature, witch or wizard, would ever be able to undo the curse. Reading this and seeing that it was true the Queen and King were both so distraught and saw the same curse pass onto their son’s wife.


338 years had passed since the curse had been cast and it still took action on the family through the ongoing generations. As generations passed the kingdom lost more and more respect due to their lack of daughters who could be married in other kingdoms and who would marry their daughters to this kingdom’s sons due to the curse that was simply legend to most kingdoms but many were still cautious. One day the current Queen who was now also carrying the curse decided that she was going to find a way to undo this curse once and for all for the sake of her kingdom’s well-being. She went to the library first since she was very book smart and grabbed out the book that contained a copy of the curse the witch had cast. She also took all the books that contained spells off the shelves. She began reading the curse over and over again paying special attention to the part that said no magical creature, witch or wizard would ever be able to undo the curse. She pondered this as she went through the spell books and just as she was finishing it dawned on her: she would have to do this spell herself. Once realizing this, she went on to read on how she could go about casting this spell. She went through the books again reading on different spells to undo curses, spells to cause fertility and undo different forms of magic easily. She was reading through the books endlessly making a list as she went of how she wanted to cast her spell what she would need and when she would do it. She decided that she was going to do it the next month.

A month passed and the Queen had everything she needed which included something a little extra. She was pregnant and she knew that casting a fertility spell while pregnant could cause a problem so she decided that she would also incorporate a protection spell as well. She knew that her task was not going to be easy, but she also knew that she had to at least try. That night she went down to the sorcery room where she decided she would cast the spells. She first burned a bundle of sage and rosemary through the room and then continued on with a carefully planned spell. She first cast a protection spell. She did this by putting a stone of value to her in a pot of boiling water adding dirt, sand, and a flower from her garden into the pot as well; when she had added all the ingredients she let them sit. She wasn’t sure if her spell had worked, but she wanted to know so she tested her theory. She tried cutting the finger, but before the blade could slice her finger the knife flung back from her finger and flung into the wall. So this spell was a bit scary, but it worked at least. She continued to the next spell where she would try undoing the curse. She first took the saliva of a dragon and poured it into an empty goblet. She then added tole powder, a powder to cause amnesia that could be neutralized by dragon saliva. She then added in some dried and crushed rosemary. This was the last ingredient to the spell to undo the curse which was surprisingly easy. She also put the ingredients from the fertility spell into the same goblet along with a teaspoon on the protection spell she had previously made. She then picked up the goblet which she had all the ingredients in added in some final boiled water and drank it. Now all she could do was hope, wait and pray her spell worked.

8 months later…

8 months later the Queen gave birth to the child that she bore. Everyone was shocked when it was declared that the child was a girl. Her spell had worked. She was so relived and happy as her kingdom gained back much respect and they finally had a princess in the kingdom.

15 years passed and the princess grew into a beautiful young woman with hair like gold, lips like a rose, eyes like the brilliant blue sky, skin as soft and pale as snow, she was perfect. Almost. She had a gift that was in half a curse. She had magic, she was born a witch and the bad part was she was half good and half evil but not by choice. When she was conceived she still held the evil magic of the curse the witch had inflicted and when her mother had undone the curse and used pure magic she had obtained both. Having both forms of this magic was dangerous for her and others because whenever she tried doing spells they would backfire and do the opposite. Sometimes her magic could even hurt her as both forms fought for dominance in her.

One day the princess decided that she had had enough and no longer wanted her magic so she set off into the woods where she found a witch who she explained her distress to and asked her what she could do. The witch said she could try removing her magic for the payment of the necklace that the princess wore. The princess without question handed over necklace and the witch began to work out a way to remove her magic. As the witch did this she had a deja vu of sorts, as if she recognized this girl, but she couldn’t figure out how. The witch tried again and again failing each time and finally gave up. The princess was disappointed as she took her necklace back from the witch. Before she left they had tea and the princess explained her story to the witch of how her family had been cursed, and how she was basically the miracle child of the royal family and suddenly it hit the witch. She was the witch that had cast that curse on her family for revenge, she was Rumpelstiltskin.

The end.


One thought on “The Curse by Rosie

  1. Wow, Rose! Just when I think you can’t possibly write a story more creative than all your others, you amaze me yet again!!! Awesome job, Beautiful! All my love, Gramma

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