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Traveling is a common thing for me, by car, plane, buggy, you name it. But regardless of how often I travel, I completely understand the stress and fear that we, especially those of us who may not travel often or those of us who have vertigo may face. I’m going to be completely honest with you; traveling kind of sucks. Sorry, the films and books lied to you, road trips are not at all, at least from my experience with them, the fabulous thing they’re often made out to be, and that’s why I’m writing this post. I want to share some things with you that I’ve found make traveling on both long and short trips easier. So sit back strap in and enjoy!

The first thing that I’ve found to be very useful during a trip, long or short, is to not only pack what you want to bring to your destination, but also what will be necessary for your trip to your destination. On planes this is something already done via the idea of a “carry on” item or a purse, but I feel that it can often be overlooked in car trips. I’m going to give you a personal list of what I pack as my “carry on” for both long and short plane and car trips since as I said before I find these to be necessary in both. Some of the things that I list may or may not be allowed on a plane but can often also be purchased in a miniature version to fit your flight’s regulations.

Long Car Traveling

I usually bring a pretty big bag for my long travels, and here are some of the things that I carry with me that can be easily accessible while traveling. First thing that will always be a necessity on travels for me are snacks. I typically bring granola bars or crackers just something that I can reach for and have as a quick snack. But since this is a long travel I like to bring bigger things as well, such as sandwiches and salads. Oh and water of course, ALWAYS stay hydrated during a trip or I can assure you, you will regret it. The next thing that is essential for a long trip, to me anyways, is a blanket and a pillow. Summer or winter these are absolute essentials for me because I get cold very quickly; if you’re like me, I 100% recommend this, and ya know, maybe a stuffed animal to keep you company on your journey. The next thing that is an absolute must for me on a trip for me are hygiene supplies. For me this includes make-up wipes, mouthwash, some type of medicine (in the case that you get sick and need it), lotion, and really any hygiene products necessary to you.

Long Plane Traveling

Long plane traveling can be a real pain if you’re not properly equipped. On long pane traveling bringing a neck pillow or just a small pillow in general can be helpful. Although most airlines do provide you with a small pillow and blanket on the plane ride, it’s still not a bad idea to bring your own. Some other things that you may consider bringing just to keep you busy while on the plane are a coloring book/crayons/colored pencils, laptop, phone, tablet, and earbuds for listening to music or watching movies on the plane (again, most airlines provide these but they’re not always the best quality and if you’re as picky as I am I would recommend bringing your own).

Short Car/Plane Traveling

On shorter travels I tend to pack my “carry on” in a bit of a smaller bag, such as a purse. I include things like my compact mirror, lotion, phone, charger, earbuds, lip balm, and personal hygiene / care products. This is the gist of what I bring on shorter trips, but of course it will be personal to you and what is allowed on your flight.


Packing is a very crucial part of traveling, and there many ways of packing that can make your experience a bit smoother. A neat trick that I learned from my Aunt while traveling is that if you roll your clothing up while packing as opposed to the square fold the way most people fold their clothes, this clears up more space in your suit case and helps minimize wrinkling. I also find that the packing process just goes a bit faster if the clothes haven’t previously been folded. Also, separating what you’re packing into different sections and bags rather than just stuffing everything in one spot can help tremendously. For example, there is commonly a zipper pocket on the top of a suitcase and this spot is just perfect for your undergarments! It makes them easily accessible and organized rather than having to dig aimlessly through your bag anytime you need something. This is pretty self-explanatory, but I decided to incorporate it nonetheless. Now here comes the last trick for packing; we’ve all bought those cute souvenirs you get while on a trip only to find them broken into pieces when you arrive home. There is of course the solution of wrapping paper, which stores often provide, but in case they don’t provide packaging materials (or if the materials they provide are inadequate), you can simply take a few articles of clothing and wrap them around the item.

So, these are just a few of my tips and tricks to make the dreaded packing process, necessary before your anticipated trips, just a bit easier. I hope you enjoyed them and that they prove to be useful on your upcoming travels. And as always, check back often!


2 thoughts on “Traveling Tips and Tricks

  1. Wow, Rosie, you really have become an experienced traveler! I love traveling, and I do many of these tricks, too! Don’t forget a good book or books on tape for some distraction, too. With all these plans and preparations, you’ll be at your next destination in no time! Love you. Aunt Peg

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