Leo and the Rose Part I


There she sat next to her beloved prince taking in as much of this wonderful moment that she could, for soon all would change.

He led his love out to the garden where they would be served tea and small bites for an afternoon snack. “Oh my,” Lady Rose began, “It would seem as though I have left my parasol inside.” Her maid went to retrieve it, but Lady Rose quickly stopped her and asked Lord Leo, her fiancé, “Would you mind fetching it for me dear?” Leo looked confused, but nodded and went to claim her parasol from inside his large white castle.

Rose suddenly grabbed her teacup and poured in a green earthy smelling liquid that had smoke coming from the vial it was contained in. Her hand shook as she poured the odd substance in.

Once she had poured it all, she hid the empty vial in her bosom and poured tea over the green liquid in the cup. She quickly stirred the substances in her cup together and sat down fidgeting in her seat. After doing all of this she began to weep and seemed distressed. Not long after, Leo came out with her parasol in one hand, and without saying anything, wrapped his free arm around her and hushed her now increased weeping.

Leo rocked her back and forth in his arms slowly, as he did this Rose’s tears began to dry. This continued for a few minutes until Rose was composed again. “Please do excuse my actions, I’m terribly sorry and do wish that I haven’t caused you any embarrassment or disappointment!” Rose said apologetically.

“No, no please, don’t apologize my love, it’s alright. Is there something on your mind?” asked Leo in a concerned tone.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” said Rose. “I suppose it’s just all the upcoming events flustering me.”

“Well I, as my first order of king to be, must insist that just you and I take a day to enjoy together without any distractions,” said Leo beaming at Rose in a loving way simply wanting to please the girl he loved so and would never wish to be in distress.

“That’s so sweet of you,” Rose said, touched by how much he cared for her, but glancing at her teacup suddenly remembered the true reason she had been upset. “I wish so much that we could, but I’m afraid that we won’t be given the chance. There’s something that I must do,” Rose said in a shaky voice, again beginning to weep as she picked up her teacup.

“What is happening, what are you doing Rose!?” Leo asked frantically in a frightened tone.

“I have to do this, I’m so sorry Leo, I love you too much to risk anything happening to you,” Rose sobbed as she chugged down her tea, stumbled back through the garden that surrounded her and suddenly vanished from the place she had been standing.

Leo uttered a strangled sound at the sight of the only thing he cared for in the world gone and the only thing left of it a bunched up dress. He fell to his knees and began to cry and scream in fright, confusion, and anger. He picked up the dress from the grass as if to look and see if his love was under it, but instead of finding his beloved, he found a rose and a small empty vial. The prince was even more confused when he saw these things, but looked over both of them for signs of where his actual Rose had gone.

He couldn’t possibly imagine going on without her and he refused to rule a kingdom without her by his side.

On the rose, Leo found nothing cluing him in to where Rose was, but on the bottom of the vial he had found there was some sort of engraving. He covered the top of the vial with his hand, making the engraving easier for him to observe. Ruby’s Spice & Spell Shop the lettering on the bottle read. Leo found this name oddly familiar, and then remembered it was a shop in the kingdom’s village that his parent took him to as a child.

But what would this little shop have to do with Rose’s disappearance? Did his deceased parents have something to do with it? Why did Rose do it? How could he get Rose back? Was this someone’s doing, if so, who? These questions flooded the prince’s mind making him dizzy. Leo gathered the rose and vial and lifted himself from the ground beginning make his way to the castle before falling back to the ground unconscious.

To be continued…


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